A Sitcom Moment

A few weeks ago I was watching a Seinfeld rerun with my two older children (ages 26 and 22).  During Seinfeld’s monologue he made the observation that when we become adults we suddenly wonder why we were so afraid of our parents.  Both my children burst out laughing.  I asked them why.  They said (in unison), “Because we KNOW why we were afraid of you!”

By the way, my relationship with both of them is amazing, so apparently they weren’t scarred for life by having a mom who set clear boundaries! 🙂

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  • I don’t even let my kids laugh. Now THAT is a boundary!

    • Anonymous

      I find that a little hard to believe. Yes, I believe your five-year old can do algebra, but it’s pushing it when you tell me that you do not allow your Princess a giggle or two now and then! 😉

      Now where’s that website you’ve been promising?!

  • I have an awesome scary mom too! Hopefully I’ll be half as frightening as she.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Thanks for sharing that! I bet you’ll do just fine (in the scary department). 😉

  • Boundaries are a must!! I am Mom first and friend second. I have 2 wild boys that keep me entertained but they learn from me on a daily basis! I love seeing my young Men grow and we have an amazing relationship! Great post and love that you are a Seinfeld fan! Me too 😉

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for commenting!

      You’re right! When our kids are growing up they need PARENTS! It is so fun later when they are grown and become friends. My daughter (age 26) is my best friend. We are great for each other – we both know if we need someone to vent to we are there for each other. You can have grown-up convos and share so many things…like watching Seinfeld together!

      But yes, I am a tough mom – until they EARN the right to no longer be treated like a child. And one more thing, being a teenager does not automatically give them that right. On the contrary, in some ways there are even more boundaries because the potential for trouble is so much greater. Teens need lots of boundaries that are firm, and clear!

  • Boundaries are so important. My parents had very clear boundaries, though I pushed them to their limits and often beyond many times.

    We were just discussing last night some new rules we want to implement at home. Lucky for me my kids are only 2 and 3, so changes are easier.

    Great blog. Found you through SITS. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Glad you found me through SITS! The thing about boundaries is that you have to continue to make them and enforce them consistently, right on through the teenage years and, in a sense, even beyond – or at least as long as we are paying their bills!

      Too many parents have bought into the notion that we are supposed to let our teenagers make important decisions for themselves even though research keeps showing us how immature teenager’s brains are. The more I see and hear the more grieved I am that so many parents have abdicated their roles as parents.

      Keep on making those boundaries! No one knows your kids, or loves them, as well as you do.