Christian Men: Respect is Earned

I unfortunately had to delete a post from my website this week.  It was actually a post that was published many months ago – back in July to be exact.  The reason for deleting it: hypocrisy.

The whole point of the post was actually to link to someone else’s blog.  I had read a post that I thought was so good that I wanted to share it with my readers even though it had nothing directly to do with home-schooling.  The subject of the post was sexual restraint.  It was well-written and had a great message.

Unfortunately, last week I found on this same blog a post that prominently featured the rear end of a young actress wearing only a thong.  The author of this blog was questioning whether this actress had used a body-double for a recent movie she was in.  He posted several pictures of this actress’ (and/or her body-double’s) naked rear end.  This blog author made a point of saying that he had closely scrutinized these pictures to determine if it was a body double or not.  In other words, he made a point of specifically saying that he had spent a considerable amount of time scrutinizing a young woman’s naked rear end.

This from a “conservative” home-schooling father of six.

I left a comment on his blog explaining my feelings about his apparent hypocrisy, given the nature of the post I had linked to months ago.  I received no response.  I felt I had no other choice than to delete the post that I had prominently and enthusiastically featured.

A couple of weeks ago I addressed this same kind of hypocrisy as demonstrated by the country music group Rascal Flatts, the members of which claim to be Christian men, yet they have no problem advocating for sexual sin.

I hear all the time how Christian men want to be “respected.”  Here’s a tip for you guys: respect is something that is earned.  And men who exhibit this kind of hypocrisy have no right to expect it.

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  • This is an excellent and thought-provoking post, Anne!! It’s about integrity…meaning what you say, and saying what you mean. And always backing it up with actions that reflect what you say you believe. Thanks so much for stopping by The Homeschool Apologist. It made me come by here so I could find this! Great stuff!

    I’ve been busy traveling to homeschool conventions. Doing 4 weekends in a row beginning next weekend. Yikes. Doesn’t leave much time for writing. 🙁 But, you know me, I ALWAYS try to make trouble for public schools and unions when I do find the time to write!! 🙂

    Thanks again for stopping by!


    • Anonymous


      Thanks for taking the time to stop by! You are one busy lady. I hope you are at least enjoying yourself!

      I appreciate your kind words as well. I sometimes think I am trying to become the most unpopular blog on the internet! But I feel I have to speak what I believe is true and let the chips fall where they may. And I certainly don’t do it lightly. The situation I describe in this post bothered me for days before I took the action I did and posted this.

      By the way I love your blog. Keep making trouble for the NEA…I’m right behind you!

  • thinking4ward

    Bravo, or should I say Brave – O ! It takes Chutzpah ! to speak up knowing you might have rocks thrown at you!