What is Home-Schooling?


Hello and welcome to the genesis of Homeschooling911.  This post is the first “official” post of my new blog and is also the first post of a four-part series on “Getting Started in Home-Schooling.”

Though the intent of this post is to tell you what homeschooling is, I am actually going to start out by telling you what homeschooling is not.  Say what?  Well, the fact is that I have found that when most parents start out homeschooling they often end up trying to replicate their own educational experience (usually a public school education).  Ask any home-schooling parent.  Most will tell you that when they started out homeschooling they had this idea that there was something called a “typical school day” and their job was to stick as close to that script as possible.

Think about a “typical school day” for the typical child.  School starts at 8:30 am or so with the Pledge and announcements and admonitions of “everyone sit down and be quiet”.  The day will progress with very clearly delineated times for math, reading, science, etc.  There will also be a time to go to P.E. and lunch, which requires an extra 10 minutes minimum for lining up and marching forth.  Typical curriculum allows for lots of busy work because a classroom of 20 or 30 students will inevitably have children of various levels of ability, and you have to keep the “quick” ones busy while you urge the “slow” ones to speed it up a little.  Frankly, there is just a lot of wasted time in a “typical school day,” and there is no reason why as homeschoolers we should try to replicate a system that we have decided is not the best for our children anyway!

So if homeschooling is not what I have described above as the typical educational experience, what is it?  It is a journey, like life.  It is a fluid, ever-changing experience, like life.  It is education, in the wonderful, challenging, and rewarding realm of REAL LIFE.

It is interesting that many homeschoolers will find themselves accused of sheltering their children in such a way that their children do not know what “real life” is like.  First of all, I am absolutely in favor of parents sheltering their children; that is one of our paramount jobs as parents: to protect our children!  However, to think that homeschooled children do not experience real life, or that children who go to institutional schools ARE experiencing real life, is ludicrous.  What is real about spending your formative years with people who are always exactly your age?  At what other time in life do we do that?

Homeschooling is an educational experience for your child that you control.  It is an experience where you get to choose among a vast array of educational materials and experiences (and these days your options are innumerable) and pick what YOU think it is best for YOUR child.  Wow.  Imagine that.  Do you think it is possible that you as the parent can actually know what is best for your kid?  Well, in my house at least, the answer to that would be an unequivocable “Yes!”

In future posts I will be exploring the other questions homeschoolers have when getting started: Why am I doing this? How do I home-school? When will I fit this in to our family’s lifestyle.  Please come back, and also tell your homeschooling friends about this site.  If you have questions about getting started in homeschooling, leave them in the comments below or fill out my contact form.  And if you would like to be notified when new posts will be coming out, you can sign up for e-mail notification or receive posts via RSS feed.  I look forward to helping you with your own homeschooling journey!

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  • Angela F.

    What a great blog! So informative. I look forward to your future posts!

  • annegalivan

    Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know what you think! I am excited about being able to share with my readers and having them share their experiences as well. Have you signed up for my newsletter?

  • annegalivan

    Hey Angela! Colette just let me know this was you! Hope the family is all good. We miss you guys!

  • borling

    WE haven’t started home schooling for our 3rd (youngest) daughter but i think, home education is better because Parents can very well take care of their children. Their children is safer at home, I’m not saying that traditional school is not safe but having your kids at home is safer since we are able to guide them directly.

    • Anonymous

      Very glad to see you have stopped by!

      I actually think that there are more dangers in the schools than most parents realize. I have been reading about this subject for many years and I wouldn’t want to expose my children to what can go on in the schools. In particular, today it is quite common for girls to be sexually harassed and it is not “cool” to say anything about it. I would not subject my daughter to that nor would I want my sons to think this is normal or acceptable. This is just one of the many things going on that parents are unaware of. It is very unfortunate.

      I hope that my website can be of help to you and your wife! I look forward to communicating with you more.