Help and Hope for Your Holidays

red christmasThis isn’t going to be a long post.  I know you’re probably busy making travel plans or getting ready to host the whole family for Thanksgiving dinner.

But before you get too busy I wanted to let you know about a few posts that I wrote, over the last couple of years or so, that may help you get through your holidays with less fuss and that, in the case of the first post, might even help you survive what – for some – can be a difficult time of year.

I wrote this first post to share my experiences in dealing with grief during the holidays.  After my brother was killed by a drunk driver in 1997, the holidays became for me a time of trauma, not joy.  They’ve never been the same since, though I can enjoy aspects of them now.  But I wish someone had shared with me the information that I’m sharing in this post with you.  It wouldn’t have cured my grief, but it might have helped to avoid making it worse.  If you’ve lost a loved one this year (or in recent years) or you know someone who has, please read and share this post: “Tips for Coping with Grief During the Holidays.”

This next post definitely strikes a lighter tone.  In it I offer some ideas of how you can flesh out your child’s portfolio during the Christmas season, while at the same time allowing your family to enjoy your favorite traditions: “Home School Credit and Other Christmasy Thoughts.”

Finally, I want to help you out with your holiday shopping!  The last two years I compiled lists of smart gift ideas for your kids (or grandkids, or nieces and nephews).  In many cases these toys and games can be enjoyed by the entire family, though I made sure to include some that your child could play with little to no adult supervision.  Additionally, with a couple of exceptions, these gift ideas are quite affordable.  Give one or two a try this Christmas!

10 Smart Gift Ideas for Kids
10 (More) Smart Gift Ideas for Kids

May you and your family have a blessed holiday season.  Most of all, may you enjoy those precious moments that you spend together, because those memories are forever.