My Month and The Top Posts of 2011

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed that I have been somewhat MIA this month.  I did spend the first part of the month studying for the final exam in my history class (I’m working on finishing an English Lit degree at Florida State University).  That class was a beast.  One of the worst I’ve ever had.  I did end up with a B+ in the class in part due to the excellent job my 18-year old son did quizzing me!  By the way, I had a brainstorm a week or so before the exam to put together a timeline of all the events that I might be tested on.  Got out a roll of brown Kraft paper and cut about five feet of it, then taped it to my family room floor!  I wrote down all the dates (in order) for the dozens of events that had been covered the second half of the semester – this professor was VERY big on dates – and then my son quizzed me from that.  So…might be an idea for you to use for your homeschool some time!

Once I got my exam out of the way, I thought I’d have a few relaxing weeks for “Christmas break” but alas, I have been quite sick.  So sick I ended up in the ER last week on IV fluids.  I will spare you the details of how long it took the nurse(s) to get needles into my little veins but suffice it to say that my daughter, who was with me, told me later she thought she was going to pass out.  I’m still on meds and supposed to be following up with my doctor and I would certainly appreciate your prayers!

In any case, last year around this time I offered a “wrap-up” that linked to the most popular posts on my blog for that year.  So in the interest of consistency, and also for the benefit of my newer readers, I have compiled a list of the most popular posts of 2011.  I based my decision of what posts to include primarily on the number of readers who commented (for better or for worse!) but in the case of the last two posts listed, they were also two of the most “visited” posts of the year.

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How To: Teach Language Arts

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  • Anonymous

    ‘So sorry to hear you’re sick!  ‘Praying for a speedy recovery!  Congrats on your class!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much Ariele!  I can use the prayers.  Wishing you and the family a blessed 2012.