For well over two decades the Home School Defense Association has been defending the rights of parents in courtrooms as well as state legislatures.  By paying a small yearly fee home-school parents are guaranteed representation should they encounter any legal difficulties with their home-school program.

I strongly urge all home-school parents to join the Home School Legal Defense Association.  The Home School Legal Defense Association is our advocate for home-schooling at the local, state, and national level.  They exist solely to defend our right to choose the best educational options for our children.  Go to for more information and to apply for membership to this valuable organization.


Timberdoodle has been one of my go-to homeschool resources for as long as I can remember.  One of the most appealing aspects of Timberdoodle is the fact that their catalog (and website) are full of resources that you will not find anywhere else!  Whatever subject you’re interested in whether it’s science, educational games, the arts, or computer programs, Timberdoodle has consistently offered curriculum and resources that I have not found any other place.  They are a homeschooling family and they have tested many (if not all) of the products they sell on their own kids.  Their reviews of products will help you determine if something is right for you and your child.  Their prices are competitive, their customer service first-rate.  I encourage you to check them out today!  


Rock Solid is a family-owned curriculum provider that I have been purchasing from for over 10 years.  Besides having a wide assortment of products, their prices make Rock Solid a resource that I go to again and again.  I encourage you to browse their website.  I feel certain you will find many resources to help you in your own home-schooling journey.


CBD is another company I have been purchasing from for many years.  They have literally thousands of products and produce specific home-schooling catalogs several times a year.  You can peruse their products online, but I would also recommend that you request a catalog that you can review at your leisure.  They also have online reviews of a number of products that can help you decide whether a product will be a fit for you and your family.


Library and Educational Services is a wholesale company that sells to educators, including home-schoolers.  The prices of their products are hard to beat.  I encourage you to check out their website and sign up for their e-mails to get notification of their fantastic sales.



I was introduced to Educator’s Publishing Service in 1996 when my oldest son was struggling with reading.  A home-school friend recommended EPS’s phonics workbooks: “Explode the Code.”  After just a few weeks with the Explode the Code workbooks my son was picking up books and reading them himself!

I have also used their vocabulary workbooks and particularly recommend their “Vocabulary from the Classical Roots” workbooks.  They have dozens of products to help with a variety of specific goals you may have for your children in reading and math.  While their workbooks are consumable they are also very affordable.  I highly recommend you consider adding them to your curriculum.


According to their website Greenleaf Press is:

Resources for parents and children on Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, & Modern History, Literature & Art.

The ORIGINAL (and still the best) resource for teaching history chronologically.

Since 1989, Guaranteed 100% twaddle-free.

I have to agree with their assessment.  I have been using Greenleaf Press’ history resources, in particular their Famous Men series, for most of the 20+ years I have been homeschooling.  From the “Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History” all the way through to “Famous Men of the Renaissance and the Reformation” I have been extremely pleased with the Greenleaf approach to history.  I am particularly a fan of teaching history from a chronological perspective as it gives context to what your children are learning.

I don’t know how many resources Greenleaf Press has on its website but I suspect it’s in the thousands.  I suggest you peruse the site for yourself paying particular attention to their “Famous Men” series.  To learn more about the concept of teaching history chronologically, you can go to: to hear from the Shearer’s themselves how they came upon their philosophy.