What Do the Miami Dolphins Have to Do With Home-Schooling?

What do the Miami Dolphins have to do with home-schooling?  Did you know that Jason Taylor, who played for the Dolphins for eleven years – and then played for the Redskins, and then played for the Dolphins, and then played for the Jets and then played for the Dolphins again before officially announcing his retirement in December 2011 – was the first player in the NFL to have been home-educated?  As a matter of fact, Jason was a pioneer in opening doors for home-schoolers to play sports at the high school and college level.

Jason Taylor is one of the greatest defensive ends to ever play the game, holding the record as the NFL’s all-time leader in fumble return touchdowns (6).  He was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 2006, a Pro Bowl selection six times, and was awarded the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2007.  He recorded 130.5 sacks, trailing the NFL record by only 1.5 sacks.  There is no doubt that a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is awaiting this this talented former homeschooler.

But I use this all as a segue into my real purpose for this post which is to let you know that I had two guest posts published this week that I hope you will be interested in reading.  The first is at This Inspires Me and it relates my memories of watching the 1972-73 Dolphins win back-to-back Super Bowls and record a perfect season.  Yes, I was young, but I grew up watching Miami Dolphins football every Sunday and to this day I am a huge football fan.  As a matter of fact at our house we spend the fall on a roller-coaster of emotions as my family watches our beloved Florida State Seminoles play on Saturdays.  The last two weeks saw some dark days in our house as the Seminoles managed to snatch defeat from victory in the last seconds of our games against both NC State and UNC.  Ah, well.

The second guest post I had published is: “How Could Your Child Benefit from Home-Schooling?” and discusses what I have found to be some of the long-range benefits of home-schooling.  My friend from the SITS Girls forum, Missy, specifically asked me to write a post on this subject, even though she is not a home-schooler herself.  Given the fact that I am now in my third decade of home-schooling I have been able to see many benefits of home-schooling my children from the very beginning of their schooling all the way through high school.  I am so glad that I stuck with home-schooling in spite of challenges and adversity (life doesn’t cut you any slack just because you home-school!)  I hope that you will take the time to read these posts, comment on them, and share them.

Allow me finally to say how much I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and shares their thoughts, insight, and encouragement in the comments.  I also appreciate when you share this information with others.  The goal is to encourage one another as we endeavor to give our children an excellent education and I hope you find that this website does just that!

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  • Anonymous

    Stopping by from SITS. I’m happy to have found you through your SITS spotlight. My sister-in-law is considering home-schooling my nephew. My brother was very involved in school athletics throughout his education, and I know that this article would really appeal to him!

    • Anonymous

      Well I’m glad you stopped by! Feel free to pass my e-mail address on to your sister-in-law: anne@homeschooling911.com

      If she has any questions I’d be happy to answer them!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Anne! I sent them a link to the post and let them know.

        Happy Holidays!


  • Thinking4ward

    Good stuff! Nice segue. Ahhh yes the unstoppable Dolphins, Bob Griese, Jim Kick, Larry Csonka, Mercury morris, Paul Warfeild, Larry Little ok I’ll stop now! What fun that was then. Definitely felt good about being a Miamian! Looking forward to reading the other posts. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nice of you to finally read my post! For everyone else’s information…this is my husband!

  • Renee Ann

    I found your blog through the SITS linky. I’ve been teaching English at a Christian high school for twenty-some years and often peruse homeschooling sites for ideas. Love your blog! (I’m at http://reneeannsmith.com/.)

    • Anonymous

      Well, thank you so much! I will definitely check out your website!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed your visit. 🙂